The above warning was given to me when I first met Orthodoxy in 1986. Today [2009] it is even more perilous, even more difficult to find the Royal Path. For one thing there is a far greater abundance of misinformation. And many materials are missing, and other materials are being rapidly rewritten. For another thing there are fewer than ever guides remaining on the Royal Path, especially who speak English. Hopefully this website will be a place where Newcomers to the Faith can keep at least one foot on solid ground, while they are "exploring."

blog owner: Joanna Higginbotham


jurisdiction: ROCA under Vladyka Agafangel

who did not submit to the RocorMP union in 2007


22 February 2012

Orthodox Advices

Website Review
updated June 2015

This is the English version of the blog.

Romanian blog owner, Fr. Savatie, appears to be in the MPHis biography is here:

The English selections on the moral topics are sound orthodox teaching, not compromising or misleading, and Fr. Savatie offers some valuable fresh perspective.  But he has the idea that the iron curtain has fallen, and he trusts what is coming out of neo-Mt. Athos.  I think I can recommend the blog with that caveat. 

The articles on abortion, rock music, fasting, angels, horoscopes, and the like are all excellent.

As to the elders, I do not know...  We know that nearing the end of times there will be many false elders appearing.  We know that Mt. Athos is today under the EP.  There is/was a lone hold-out monastery, Esphigmenou, but it has been so severely infiltrated now...  It is safer to stick with the elders we know, such as the Optina elders and  St. Seraphim of Sarov.  It is better to skip over the neo-Mt. Athos elders.  For more information about false elders, see the articles labeled "False Elder" on the Remnant ROCOR blog.

Fr. Savatie's journalism articles, such as "Fatigue and love," are all soundly Orthodox – thoughts shared with us as he might share with friends.

The single article with the idea that Communism has fallen is here:
We can't say this is "propaganda."

Another subject, but not unrelated, is the bishop who tonsured Fr. Savatie:  MP bishop Dorimedont.
   He died in a car wreck in 2006, apparently with some questions surrounding the accident.    The family of the bishop desires to have a copy of the report, but the Head of State keeps stalling in handing it over.  A doctor argues with the family asking them why do they care about the report, anyway, when it can be changed to say anything on the computer?   Not even making a pretense at honesty.  No value in truth is even a mockery to the reposed bishop and his surviving family.
Scroll down to the fifth entry:

New excuses to hide INN record
A month has passed since the Head of the State stated that Reverend Dorimedont´s relatives would receive a copy of the documents they request, but the INN record is still kept hidden from them. One of the doctors who were involved in this case told us: "What do you want to find in that record? It is so clear that it can be changed in the computer...." Professor Gavriliuc stated that INN would not issue a copy of the record until they see the one from "Lorenz Bohler".