The above warning was given to me when I first met Orthodoxy in 1986. Today [2009] it is even more perilous, even more difficult to find the Royal Path. For one thing there is a far greater abundance of misinformation. And many materials are missing, and other materials are being rapidly rewritten. For another thing there are fewer than ever guides remaining on the Royal Path, especially who speak English. Hopefully this website will be a place where Newcomers to the Faith can keep at least one foot on solid ground, while they are "exploring."

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14 September 2012

Brotherhood of St. Symeon

Website Review

The website owner is the infamous out-of-the-closet 'Orthodox' Charismatic, Fr. Eusebius Stephanou.  His jurisdiction is the American Greek Church, which is at the lower end of the world Orthodox spectrum.  His agenda, to "synchronize the Eastern Orthodox Church with the charismatic movement", is in direct opposition to the teachings of our Church's Holy Fathers [as passed on to us in wholeness and sobriety by Fr. Seraphim Rose and other revered Church Fathers].  [quote from wiki]

According to Fr. Seraphim Rose et. al., St. Symeon the New Theologion is "... badly misused by the Orthodox 'charismatics' [he was speaking of a Spirit different from theirs!]".
Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, chapter VIII, 1.D.

The Spirit of the charismatics ["Orthodox" or heterodox] is not the same Holy Spirit that we know in the Orthodox Church of our holy fathers.  And the "gifts" which pour from this imposter spirit, are not the same gifts of the Holy Spirit we know in the Holy Orthodox Church.

Don't be deceived.  Learn to discern the spirits.

Also see posts labeled "Orthodox Charismatics" on the Remnant Rocor blog.

October 1, 2015
Anonymous blogs are anonymous because they have something to hide. From this day forward I will not review an anonymous blog. The owner could be an innocent, or the owner could be a nut-case. Who knows? If the blog is anonymous don't trust it. Find out who is the owner, what is their jurisdiction. Then I might do a review.