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11 August 2013

Why does this blog list Bishop Alexnder Mileant as an unsafe author?

Why does this blog list Bishop Alexnder Mileant as an unsafe author?

The answer to that is found in this forum topic:
If this above link does not work, I've pasted the page here up through 1/21/12.  More comments may have been posted since then.*

Question about writings on the ROAC USA website

by Cyprian » Sun 15 March 2009 4:56 pm
I had occasion to peruse the ROAC USA website recently, which states:

This is the official website and authoritative voice of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX AUTONOMOUS CHURCH OF AMERICA (ROAC). No other English language based website (other than the sites linked herein) claiming to speak for His Eminence, Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and Vladimir, or any of the individual Hierarchs of the Holy Synod of the RUSSIAN ORTHODOX AUTONOMOUS CHURCH (ROAC), should be considered as genuine or valid.

and in looking at the "Catechism" section found here: 

I came across some very disturbing articles. There are literally dozens of articles hosted, so I can't cover them all, but take these two for example:

The material in the following chapters was barrowed [sic] from dif-ferent [sic] sources. It was reviewed, corrected and supplemented by Bishop Alexander (Mileant).


By professor Ivan M. Andreyev of the Holy Trinity Seminary, edited and updated by Bishop Alexander (Mileant).

These missionary leaflets which were published by Bp. Alexander Mileant promote heretical teachings according to the theory of Evolution.

I do not know who specifically is responsible for the material contained on the ROAC USA website, and whether or not they were perhaps just careless in posting these writings, or if (God forbid!) they actually believe these doctrines.

The scandalous work, The River of Fire by Alexandre Kalomiros is also posted on this page, and contains a number of unorthodox statements as well.

Is Bishop Andrei aware that these writings appear on the official site of the ROAC in the U.S.? If so, does his grace sanction these teachings?

One would hope that Bp. Andrei is simply unaware of these teachings on the official site, and when apprised of the situation, will take appropriate action to safeguard ROAC's presentation of subject matter pertaining to the Faith, so as to not scandalize the faithful.


ioannis_theologos » Wed 25 March 2009 4:51 pm
Yes, I was curious about some of these writings. But I wouldn't get too hung up about it, since you're talking about various things (Darwinism, "River of Fire" soteriology) which I believe are wrong, but which have not been formally condemned by the Church, so I believe it's legitimate to allow different viewpoints to be expressed until such a time as the Church makes Her position clear. It's not the same as, for example, the Papal Calendar, which has already been condemned numerous times by various councils and individual pronouncements of Patriarchs.

by Cyprian » Sun 29 March 2009 8:34 pm
Ahem! Why would any church wish to promulgate false teachings whether they have been "formally" condemned or not? It is on their page for catechism! Do they wish to teach enquirers of the Faith that they came from apes? Hopefully not! Whose idea was it to post those materials on their catechism page? There is an article on there about infant baptism which also contains errors.

Furthermore, those who cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine delivered to the faithful by the Holy Fathers do not require formal condemnation prior to our separation from them, according to the Divine Scripture, the Sacred Canons, and Holy Tradition.

In the Sacred Canons see the 15th of the twice-held Council presided over by Photius the Great. 

"Submit not yourselves to monastics, nor to presbyters, who teach lawless things and evilly propound them. And why do I say only monastics or presbyters? Follow not even after bishops who guilefully exhort you to do and say and believe things that are not profitable. What pious man will keep silence, or who will remain altogether at peace? For silence means consent. Oftentimes war is known to be praiseworthy, and a battle proves to be better than a peace that harms the soul. For it is better to separate ourselves from them who do not believe aright than to follow them in evil concord, and by our union with them separate ourselves from God." --Saint Meletius the Confessor

Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. (Romans 16:17-18)

The doctrine I have learned from the Holy and God-bearing Fathers is that Adam, and the Most Holy Mother of God, and therefore Jesus Christ our God and Saviour did NOT come from an ape! 

According to the Holy Canons, Scriptures, and Fathers of the Church we are told to "separate" from and "avoid" them who do not teach aright, even prior to a synodal condemnation. 

May God always give all faithful Orthodox Christians the strength and courage to do just that!

by joasia » Mon 30 March 2009 2:15 am
We have so many centuries of writings by the holy fathers of the Orthodox Church that there is no reason to allow articles of dubious nature to be allowed. The Orthodox teachings are clear and without question true. Therefore, one must question the motives of such articles that clearly opposed the writings of the holy fathers. If there is no retraction, on the website, then there is definitely something wrong.

by Priest Siluan » Tue 31 March 2009 1:32 pm
Why do you write Vl. Andrei directly, and ask him about? for what I know our church rejects Evolutionism. Maybe here, there is a confusion, I think that those articles were put on there by the former priest ElĂ­as Greer (Grivakos)

by filofei » Sat 21 January 2012 5:57 pm
As for "the River of Fire" soteriology, there is a growing acceptance, to my dismay, towards its acceptance as a representative and definitive "doctrine" of the traditionalist Orthodox Church. Take, for example, the following websites:

The former is from the website of the RTOC in Russia and the latter from the Synod in Resistance. They list this controversial concept of hell under the headings of "Orthodox theology" and "Orthodox eschatology" respectively. While many clergy within these jurisdictions may reject Kalomiran soteriology, it can't be denied that it is gradually eating its way into traditional Orthodoxy.

And an RRb team member adds this, privately, about Bp. Alexander Mileant for our benefit:

... But what no one mentioned there, is what ...I...know.... about our unfortunate, now departed Bp. Alexander Mileant –

He held to, or should I rather say, he EXPRESSED such ideas, (later on in his life, and in front of ROCOR gatherings, speaking in person to them), a number of heretical pro-ecumenist, teachings, and had he lived till that 'union' he would most certainly also have been in favour of it.

He was a disgrace as a Bishop, yet our flock in South America seem to refer to him, as some sort of ...saint (!), which means that they could not be aware of his heresies, but only know his positive fame, because of his many 'missionary booklets', apparently in Russian and Spanish ....I presume.
He taught that every woman has the right to decide ...about aborting her baby or not, that if there is no nearby Orthodox church, an Orthodox person MAY simply, go into any Roman Catholic church ....and take their sacraments, etc.

The poor man, was a heretic, plain and simple, and no doubt he must have also supported Evolution.

YET, when he performed the services, which I saw him do, when he was a parish priest at Hollywood, Cal.  Pokrov church, he never omitted ONE thing from the Typikon, i.e. he was liturgically conservative.


Whenever anyone contradicts Fr. Seraphim Rose, we have to decide who to believe.  We are taught not to be double-minded, which means being believing and unbelieving at the same time.  If you choose to follow Fr. Seraphim, you will be led to a green pasture where your Orthodox heart will find peace.  If you choose to follow Bp. Alexander Mileant, [who, yes, was an evolutionist] or some pick & choose mixture; then you still are able be saved.   But your heart will not have peace.  This is because, your heart knows the truth.

In the beginning of the Church, in the Holy Fathers it is found that belief in only two miracles is absolutely necessary for salvation: the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection.   Since the Creed was composed we need to believe the Creed also, to be considered Orthodox.    An Orthodox scholar or scientist today, who wants to believe less than what Fr. Seraphim crucified his mind to be able to believe, only cheats himself.

*Update: 8/11/13.  
Since January 2012 the above Euphrosynos Cafe topic has been transferred to a private forum.  At the time these comments were made, it was published on a public forum and the authors intended their statements/comments to be for public viewing.  Apparently the "Nice Police" have decided to do some censuring of what is available to the public.  This is their prerogative.  Euphrosynos Cafe has been going steadily downhill for a couple of years now.  Even the archives now are losing value.

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