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13 February 2015

Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries, (O.O.D.E.)

Website Review
Feb 2015

This website was brought to my attention through a series of videos it promotes (and maybe produced) for children.

Watching the first video I was alarmed by the cult-abuse tactic in the video teaching that obedience is the key to heaven – that we can get to heaven by obedience alone.  Obedience should come only after selecting a true leader, which is first the true Christ.  There are no more clairvoyant elders in the world in these time, so we are not to give blind obedience exclusively to any man, whether he be an abbot or a bishop or whatever.  

Before obedience comes choosing our leader(s).  When the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch.  This is proof that obedience by itself is not salvific.  And in these wicked times, all of us, (but especially a monk under vows), must discern carefully and limit our obedience to what is deemed appropriate by all of heaven.  Back in the olden times it was possible for a truly clairvoyant elder to edify his beloved disciple through drastic/strange or cryptic methods.  It is no longer acceptable for a "spiritual father" to physically beat his disciple, or to give him a penance to eat dog-do, or to humiliate him in the presence of his brothers.  Today we are to be no man's "disciple".  And, any teacher who is worthy of having a disciple will have the humility to refuse to accept one.  Fr. Seraphim Rose says that the Church and the Church Fathers are our first teachers.

Obediences need to be limited to things like chores and tasks.  Same obedience as you would give your employer in the world.

So I went to the website to see who is behind the producing and promoting of these videos.  I found that this website does not indicate a jurisdiction, so it can be dismissed entirely on the fact alone.   An email address is given, so I could write the website owner and ask him what is his jurisdiction.  But, I'd prefer not to make direct contact with him.  So I'm left with making the determination using the clues the website provides.

Poking around, I see there are listed a number of modern Greek theologians who are famous for provoking intellectual debating – something Fr. Seraphim Rose abhorred and carefully avoided.   The better known names are: Romanides and Metallinos.  Fr. Seraphim Rose, instead, recommends Fr. Michael Pomazansky's book Orthodox Dogmatic Theology.   Fr. Seraphim  translated this book from Russian into English for us American converts.  

This book, Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, is not an intellectual feat of dry logic, rather it is spiritual nourishment for the mind and the heart.  The mind and the heart work together.  Through knowing the truth about God, the reader's heart grows in love for God.  Comparing Romanides to Pomazansky is like comparing cardboard to bread.  Both can fill the belly and appease hunger.  Only the bread has taste and nourishment.

There is no sense to go on searching this website.  But further examination reveals that the website owner considers the Esphignemou monks to be "schismatic illegal occupants".  And further, the website owner promotes the neo-elders Porphyrios and Sophrony, not recognizing that they are false elders.

This website is  World Orthodox.
This website is anti-Orthodox.

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update 3/30/15
We have every reason to believe this is an Ephraimite cult website.  Assume so.

April 13, 2015
Here is what OODE says about itself:  After all the blah blah blah they have not named even one jurisdiction of one team member.  For a project like this website to have any significant number of team members, there has to be an organization behind it.  Maybe the freemasons?  That would be my guess. 

We are a team of Orthodox Christians, comprised mostly of private individuals of varying ages and occupations.  Although some of us may come from other countries and religions, our common awareness of the superiority of the Orthodox dogma led us to embrace the Orthodox faith – the pure faith of the Apostles and the saints.
We do not constitute any official instrument of the Church, nor do we all belong to a certain Diocese. Our endeavors are entirely spontaneous; they spring from the surplus of our Christ-centered zeal.  We are simply the columnists of an electronic, Orthodox magazine.
We are a group of people who are striving –to the best of our ability– to live in the footprints of our Lord Jesus Christ, united within His Church.
Despite our broad spectrum of articles, we do not profess to be teachers or theologians. We too are INQUIRERS, and everything that we publicize represents the independent findings of each individual’s research on our most sacred Christian faith and the Orthodox dogma.  In other words, we share with our readers our own studentship in the Orthodox faith, as well as any other fields that are related to issues of faith, because it is our conviction that the grandeur we discover through our research is worth sharing with everyone.
Included among our team-mates are not only unspecialized Christians, but also brethren that specialize in different areas, who have proven to be invaluable counselors and assistants in our endeavors.

This is not how a real Orthodox group would describe themselves.  Compare this with how Fr. Seraphim Rose describes his magazine, The Orthodox Word.

... "to live in the footprints of our Lord..."  Does this sound like the normal sober way an Orthodox Christian expresses himself?  Or, rather the way a dreamer?

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