The above warning was given to me when I first met Orthodoxy in 1986. Today [2009] it is even more perilous, even more difficult to find the Royal Path. For one thing there is a far greater abundance of misinformation. And many materials are missing, and other materials are being rapidly rewritten. For another thing there are fewer than ever guides remaining on the Royal Path, especially who speak English. Hopefully this website will be a place where Newcomers to the Faith can keep at least one foot on solid ground, while they are "exploring."

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25 March 2017

Classical Christianity

Website Review

In their self-description on their website, Classical Christianity says:
 "The name of the project, “Classical Christianity,” exists for the sake of what is known as the ‘classical’ period of time, usually referring to the teachings of the Church from Christ to the Great Schism."

Despite the "classical" purpose of the website, the top 4 articles of this particular day are all modern:
 1. promotion of neo-pseudo-elder Sophrony
 2. contemporary world-orthodox news item
 3. commentary on a modern ecumenical event
 4. defense of a below-standard western-influenced deviation

This is a world-orthodox website.  As far as I can tell, it is anonymous.  Maybe if you "LOG IN" you can get contact information.   I don't recommend it.

An indication of world-orthodox influence is the way the calendar date is written.  In the side bar above we see the widget of the Orthodox Calendar and in red letters:
Saturday March 25, 2017 / March 12, 2017

That is backwards.  The secular date should come after the Church date.

Fr. Seraphim Rose wrote, and old ROCOR, writes, the Church date first.  Church comes first in our lives, first in our thoughts, first in our priorities, first in all our considerations.  The correct way to write this date is:  Saturday March 12/25, 2017  

St. John S&SF would write it this way: Saturday March 12, 2017, completely ignoring the world's calendar altogether.  But for us it is enough to remember that CHURCH COMES FIRST.

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