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21 February 2018

The Warring Russian Fragments #90

from Joanna's notepad
February 21, 2018

  Fr. Seraphim Rose predicted that the Russian Church in Exile (ROCOR) would end up fragmented like it was in the Greek Church with all their schisms.  (The difference between the Greek schisms and the Russian schisms is that the Greek State Church is redeemable, where the Moscow Patriarchate is not.)  

And indeed, the ROCOR fragmenting started in the early 1990s.  The cause was that a large number of people were seeing the MP as "Mother."   The rest were unable to recognize the MP as "Mother Church."  It was this portion posed a problem for the MP, because MP was not-so-secretly planning to scarf up the ROCOR churches using the excuse that Communism had fallen.

The MP saw that the portion who did not recognize MP as "Mother" were an impediment to their plan -- so they used the old "divide and conquer" tactic through infiltration.  Many of their agents had already been in place for decades, the "sleeper agents."  The divisions were scandalous and caused confusion for anyone who did not want to join the Moscow Patriarch.

The Mystery of Iniquity is behind all the schisms.  It was the same tactic Satan used to confuse people about where the true Christianity is, by creating 100s of denominations. 

The ROCOR has actually only suffered 5 schisms.
• 1946 Metropolia
• 1994 ROAC (et. al.)
• 2001 Vitaly (et. al.)
• 2007 ROCOR-MP
• 2016 Kotlaroff

All the rest of the ROCOR schisms have come out of ROAC and Vitaly.  Schisms made from schisms.  The RTOC is a schism from the ROAC.

Reader Daniel makes an excellent assessment here in his introduction to this article.
RTOC deprived Bp. Stefan Sabelnik of his episcopal rank

Reader Daniel is right that these schisms are instigated by the MP.   The fragments are not caused by egos or misunderstandings or personal differences.  Maybe the evil one uses men's passions and uses men's egos, but the agents themselves are simply on assignment and they know exactly what they are doing and why.  This is why the fragments themselves, as whole churches, will never be healed.  But individuals might be able to escape.

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