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17 November 2019

About Letters on the Internet

July 11, 2019
Do you know from what source this Russian website obtained the letters and chronicles of Fr. Seraphim? 



Sorry, I do not know who published those letters on Proza Ru.  I have
wondered myself.  He has to be somebody connected with Platina who
had/has access to Fr. Seraphim's personal files.

It can't imagine it would be Abbot Damascene. Not after all the
censoring he has done of Fr. Seraphim.

The chronicles are interesting, and Abbot Damascene referenced them
when he wrote Fr. Seraphim's biography.  He also referenced different
letters of Fr. Seraphim's in the biography, quoting excerpts.

The letters on Proza Ru, I have wondered, ... maybe whoever it was who
made these private letters public feels like I do -- that the book
Letters (Nikodemos Society NY) gives an extremely lopsided view of
Fr. Seraphim since it is a collection only of the letters written to
Fr. Alexey Young.  That book is one of my biggest gripes because it
takes Fr. Seraphim out of context.  That book shows how Fr. Seraphim
dealt with Fr. Alexey and Fr. Alexey's particular spiritual needs.

Fr. Alexey was coming from the Roman background where for a lifetime
his heart had developed in that "sentimentality" of the RC -- the
emotional part of his soul was over-developed, so Fr. Seraphim had to
handle him in a much different way than he would say, somebody who is
prone to "super-correctness."  The book makes it appear that Fr.
Seraphim's heart was "softening" toward renovationists and that he was
on the road to world orthodoxy.  And this is the conclusion many
people came to after reading this book, causing me to wonder if that
was not the intention of the book.  The timing of the publishing of
that book was just before the ROCOR-MP union, -  can't be a complete
coincidence.  One of the biggest hurdles of that union was asking the
ROCOR flock to accept going into communion with world orthodoxy.
Fr. Seraphim was the one who taught us about world orthodoxy, so
his influence had to be overcome somehow by the pro-unionists.  Prior
to this tactic, they had tried to minimize Fr. Seraphim, promoting the
idea that we had "outgrown"him.

So I wondered if somebody like me, who is very unhappy about the
Letters to Fr. Alexey, might have decided that since the private
letters to Fr. Alexey were published, then to be fair, we need to
publish Fr. Seraphim's letters to others as well.

I'm guessing the monk who published these letters and chronicles on Proza
Ru is just a simple monk -- not clergy.  It is not acceptable for clergy to 
be anonymous on the internet.  I also note that these files did not
become available until after the death of monk Herman Podmoshensky
(who owned the property at Platina).

It is only locally known that Fr. Seraphim was planning to leave
Platina before he died.  He had learned of Fr. Herman's perverted
escapades and he was disgusted and wanted out.  He had discussed with
his bishop starting his own skete somewhere.  Even if this fact is
denied -- it can't be denied that Fr. Seraphim was a Son of ROCOR.
Fr. Herman tried to show otherwise, but Fr. Seraphim never would have
left ROCOR.  Fr. Seraphim's legacy is being held hostage by Platina.

ROCOR never made an issue over it -- we had always hoped that Platina
would return to the ROCOR, which would depend on Fr. Herman's
repentance.  But Fr. Herman remained stubborn -- he did not want
Platina to join the Serbians either, he wanted them to stay
"independent" (i.e. vigante), but eventually Abbot Damascene was able
to work a compromise, as Fr. Herman was weakening with age.  Then, I
heard, that Fr. Herman "retired" to the convent/skete (St. Xenia,
Wildwood) and a nun would every day bring food to his cell, knock on
the door, and was instructed to ask, "Are you ready to repent?"

I wonder about the copyright on these.  Is it possible to find out who
has the copyright? Just from the number?  Platina thinks they own
everything and anything of Fr. Seraphim's....  Legally they might, but
not morally.  That the copyright number is included at the bottom of
the page, makes me think the monk has permission from the new abbot,
Damascene is not abbot anymore.  I know nothing about the new abbot.

Another thing I noticed was that these letters were first put online
in Russian, and only later in the original English.  This could be
another clue to who is responsible, probably more than one person is

If you find out anything, please let me know.


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