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09 October 2015

Photo of Fr. Seraphim praying

from Fr. Lawrence's collection

Fr. Lawrence was a bit over-zealous in his admiration of Fr. Seraphim.   Although it is possible, it is not likely that Fr. Seraphim is "beholding and apprehending heaven" in this photo.  

I read his face more down-to-earth, as if he could be praying intently to God asking Him to forgive him and his brothers, to show him how become a better servant, to cause his heart to love as He loves, to help and heal certain brothers in distress and to enlighten their blindnesses...etc.   All the while realizing how helpless and hopeless we are without Him, thanking Him, loving Him, etc., with all these feelings and more wrapped up into a simple, "Lord, have mercy."  For most of us this is all the Lord asks of us: heartfelt sincere attentive prayer.

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