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09 September 2007

Changing Terminology

"True" and "Traditional"

Back in the old days - like 200 A.D. - there was only one Christian Church.  Everyone who was called "Christian" belonged to the same Church. 

But later, when many sects arose, the word "Christian" no longer had the same meaning and did not necessarily refer to the original Church.  

So, to differentiate, the term "Orthodox" Christian was introduced to differentiate the sects from original Christians.

Back in the old days -1970's - Archbishop Averky [Taushev] noted that the left-wing renovationists who were renovating Orthodoxy were still calling themselves "Orthodox." 

He was distressed, saying we have to come up with a new name for ourselves.  Because not everything that calls itself Orthodox is truly Orthodox anymore.

To differentiate between renovated Orthodoxy and unchanged Orthodoxy, Archbishop Averky started referring to us as "True" Orthodox. 

That was in the 1960's and 1970's.

Since then, and today [2008], the term "True" has been picked up by the right-wing factions.  They are calling themselves "True Orthodox."  The term "True Orthodox" today no longer has the same meaning as it did when it was first used.

Today it refers to the whole group of fragmented right-wing jurisdictions, both Russian and Greek. They also refer to themselves as "Traditional Orthodox."  So, if you see the terms "True" church or "Traditional" church, be alert to this is clue that this church might be in the right wing extreme.

When reading materials from earlier days and present days, keep this in mind so not to get confused.