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13 August 2013

Jesse Ventura vs. David Icke


Atheist Jesse Ventura comes to blows with David Icke
The fight starts at minute 32, no need to watch the whole thing.

New-ager Icke is revealed as an unwitting servant of Antichrist.  He is the one who is behind the promotion of the conspiracy theory that the Illuminati are hybrid human/space aliens.  

People who don't know that space aliens are demons are susceptible to being misled into the idea of "reptilians".  The Church knows that it is not possible for humans to hybridize or mate with demons.   Demons are unable to incarnate in their own flesh [as did Christ], they are only able to "possess" or enter an already existing human or an animal.  Humans can take on demonic characters, as is seen in psychopaths, where they themselves become "demon-like", but they do not become actual demons.   Humans are created human and remain humans for eternity just as angels remain angels for eternity, whether they are fallen or not.

The Illuminati, being in service to Antichrist and the antichrist spirit, have deep relationships with the demons; this is a spiritual kinship and not a physical kinship.  A new-ager who perceives this kinship of the Illuminati with the demons can easily be misled into mistaking it for a physical hybridization.  The demons are in fact the originators of the "reptilian" idea, giving it as a "revelation" first to David Icke and then through him to people who are opened up to the psychic realm.  

So here in this video we have two demonic deceptions in conflict with each other.  The conflict itself is certainly a spectacle enjoyed by the demons.  David Icke is deceived into thinking the demons are space aliens, and Jesse Ventura is deceived into thinking there exists nothing supernatural at all – neither the psychic realm nor heaven.   Both men are prevented from knowing God by demonic deceptions.  Both men believe that we can change the course of the world.  Both men are unprepared for the end times. 

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