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21 October 2013

Orthodox Survival Course

How to Survive These Times
Fr. Seraphim Rose

Fr. Seraphim's Orthodox Survival Course will soon, hopefully, be available to us.  This is the original compilation of Fr. Seraphim's notes and transcripts from tapes done by someone(s) close to Fr. Seraphim.  It has not been altered or censored by neo-Platina.

from Orthodox Views website:

Vital in understanding these difficult times is Fr Seraphim Rose’s “Orthodox Survival Course”, a rare and most valued Orthodox resource, ...  Fr. Seraphim taught this course in the 70′s at the Platina monastery...

from the course:

"...The purpose of these lectures, why we should be studying the development of modern mentality, is s that we might understand why the world is the way it is today, what has gone into forming our own minds; so that we can be Orthodox by rising up against all false ideas, all false formation in our minds, and seeing what is the true Orthodox mentality and the true Orthodox teaching..."

available here:
I found it in both PDF and .TXT at Scribd: (I have not checked this against the original.)

Survival Course 1.4MB
Survival Course 667KB  (for print out)

If these links no longer work, contact me, I know other places to find a copy.

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  1. The Survival course is absolutely free of any charges. Fr. Seraphim would have wanted the Survival Course to be distributed to everyone who is interested at no cost. Fr. Seraphim gave this series of lectures openly at no charge, and anyone could attend the series, and all attendees were permitted to record it. This is a transcript of one of the recordings kindly shared with all people for free by an anonymous person who was present at the lecture.

    However, since Platina is making a stink and claiming to have copyrights of EVERYTHING to do with Fr. Seraphim, the person who is sharing this transcript, (that he/she made himself/herself from his/her own tape recording); the person wants to be anonymous.

    The Survival Course is not like one of Fr. Seraphim's polished writings, – he is just speaking, and speaking to an audience of varied educational levels. Please print it out a copy for your parish library.


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