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10 September 2014

How to Write the Calendar Date

Fr. Seraphim always dated his letters writing the Church date, slash, and then the civil date.


Memorial Day
May 18/31

Independence Day
June 21/July 4

Thanksgiving Day this year
November 14/27, 2014

world's Christmas
December 12/25

Church Nativity of Christ
Dec 25/Jan 7

Old ROCOR tradition has it that the date according to the Church (Julian) Calendar always precedes that of the civil calendar; whenever one date appears, it is that of the Julian Calendar.
Fr. Seraphim Rose: Notes on the Calendar

New-ROCOR (ROCOR-MP) has been accommodating the new calendar more and more, now we see some of them putting the civil date ahead of the Church date.  It shows a shift in their mentality, that the world comes before the Church...  We can still see which is which, even when the dates are in the wrong order.

But worse is the confusion now when a date appears alone, because now it needs to be checked to see which one it is. If the source is from old ROCOR, then it is the Church date. But if the source is new, it could be either one.

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