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02 November 2015

A Demonic Vision and a Heavenly Vision

The unfortunate vision of Euthymios told in his own words:

A Genuine Vision
At the death of St. John Chrysostom, Bishop Adelphios of Arabessos, suffered profound grief, because St. John had died in exile after having been deposed.  Bishop Adelphios prayed to know where St. John abides in heaven.  The Vision of Bishop Adelphios is included in the Great Synaxaristes, November page 571.

The Vision of Bishop Adelphios

Bishop Adelphios, who warmly received the saint of God in Koukousos, learned of the saint's repose.  He mourned his friend's departure and entreated God with tears that he might reveal what blessedness John attained.  He was pained by the thought that Saint John was deposed.  He desired to know if the saint was among the bishops or the laity in the heavenly mansions.  He implored God to reveal which rank of saints his friend was now to be found among.  Adelphios was granted his request while praying, though he was unsure whether he was in the body or out of the body, but was in a kind of ecstasy, where he beheld a radiant youth.  He took Bishop Adelphios by the hand and led him to a wondrous place where he beheld the choir of the holy teachers of the Church.  Bishop Adelphios carefully examined each countenance, but alas, he did not see John.  Bishop Adelphios was much distressed by the saint's absence.  Another angel took him by the hand, and asked, "Why art thou departing from this place with a heavy heart?  If anyone should enter sorrowing, they leave cheered.  Though thou didst enter with cheer, yet thou departest in sorrow!"  Bishop Adelphios admitted, "The reason I am grieved is that I thought I would see my beloved John among the choir of Church leaders."  The angel said, "So thou considerest John a preacher of repentance?"  "Yea," said the bishop.  Another angel, standing at the gates of paradise, said, "A man still in the body is unable to see the holy John.  He stands before the throne of the Lord, which is surrounded by the cherubim and seraphim!"  Hearing such news, Bishop Adelphios glorified God Who vouchsafed him this mystery.  Thus, Saint John, after passing through many fiery trials in his lifetime, emerged as victor and now rejoiced before the throne of God, glorifying the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This account is given by St. John Moschos, Pratum spirituale 128 (87, 2992-2993); George Amartolos, Chronicon lib. IV. CC.III (110, 737); and George Kedrenos, HC (121, 633-636).

For every miracle of God, Satan has a cheap substitute.

When the demons see that somebody has become a firm believer, then one trick they use is to present the believer with a false Christ.  Euthymios' experience is loaded with clues, one after another, that this was a demonic experience.  Everything was there except the light at the end of the tunnel...

Just calling it "an experience" should be the first tip-off that something is amiss.

Another clue is that Euthymios tells the story to anyone, – a true visit from God would be hard to reveal to anyone, and then only with great caution.

• Unconditional love:
In the presence of God, the saints have always reported godly fear.  Such as St. Paul when he was blinded.  Or St. Peter, after the great catch of fish.  Unconditional love is what some people report experiencing in "confession" with the pseudo-elder Ephraim.  Unconditional love is a worldly idea.  The term is not used in the Orthodox description of God's attributes.

• Sleep Paralysis.
This is undeniable definite evidence of the demonic.
Read in the wiki definition of sleep paralysis.
Many people who experience sleep paralysis are struck with a deep sense of terror when they sense a menacing presence in the room while paralyzed. 

I don't see how any cases of sleep paralysis could have a scientific explanation – it is so clearly a paranormal thing.  I know a man who experienced this every night with nightly visits from the demons who were punishing him for renouncing witchcraft.  Here is another case.
See the article "Never Kneel" page 13 in the PDF, page 24 of the magazine

What verified genuine vision from heaven causes sleep paralysis?  It is not uncommon for people who have had heavenly visions to report that they are not sure if they were awake or asleep, but nobody reports sleep paralysis in a genuine visit from heaven.

• The demon was speaking to Euthymios "in tongues" where Euthymios did not know the language but understood (interpreted) the words on another level.  Same as charismatics.  Is it surprising to learn that Euthymios was taken to charismatic churches by his parents as a child?

• We see at the end of the video there is a message for the world:  like so many demonic encounters.

• In another You Tube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj-6ivz8PzQ Euthymios reveals what God told him about his future: that Euthymios was going to do something very pleasing to God in the future.  This is a very typical prophesy ("word") given by the charismatic demons.

• Note the obvious absence of humility.   From the Desert Fathers comes this anecdote: 
The devil appeared to a very humble monk as an angel of light and told him, in order to pull him down into arrogance: "I am Gabriel and I came to salute you, for you have many virtues and are worthy."
"Look, you must have made a mistake," the humble monk answered, without losing his composure.  "I am still living in sin, and for this reason I am not worthy to see angels."

• To learn to discern false visions from true, read lives of saints for more examples of true heavenly visitations.  And for specific information on the charismatic demons, read Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future by Fr. Seraphim Rose.  Also, read Soul After Death which discusses the now popular near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences.

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