The above warning was given to me when I first met Orthodoxy in 1986. Today [2009] it is even more perilous, even more difficult to find the Royal Path. For one thing there is a far greater abundance of misinformation. And many materials are missing, and other materials are being rapidly rewritten. For another thing there are fewer than ever guides remaining on the Royal Path, especially who speak English. Hopefully this website will be a place where Newcomers to the Faith can keep at least one foot on solid ground, while they are "exploring."

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12 September 2011

Dr. Kalomiros

on March 12, 2011 Remnant Rocor blog received this anonymous comment:

"In your Royal Path blog you say that Dr. Kalomiros is not safe, then you quote from him on your side bar?  How can I believe you?" 

Action taken:
√  The quote of Dr. Kalomiros has been removed today [September 12, 2011] from the sidebar.  Here is what the quote was:

"In the last days all will claim to be Orthodox Christians, and that Orthodoxy is as they understand it to be. But in spite of all this, those who have a pure heart and a mind enlightened by divine grace will recognize the Orthodox Church despite the apparent divisions and utter lack of external splendor. They will gather around the true priests, and they will become the pillars of the Church."  --Alexander Kalomiros

The words of the quote are true.  However. The anonymous commentator is right that I should not quote Kalomiros and at the same time list him as an unsafe author.

Dr. Kalomiros, first of all, is not a prophet.  In this quote he is merely making an intelligent observation and speculation based on sound Orthodox teachings and prophecies.  Nobody will argue with this quote.  But many will disagree about who is a true priest and who are the pillars.

Dr. Kalomiros is an unsafe author because, even though he might say something good, we can't trust his words in many cases.  Nobody is right all the time.  Nobody is wrong all the time.  Dr. Kalomiros, despite his intelligence, is not to be trusted as a teacher because he does not recognize a very deep and basic teaching from the foundation of our Holy Faith.  To be specific:  Dr. Kalomiros is an Orthodox evolutionist, and he died outside the Church.

To read more about this, and to see the letter that Fr. Seraphim Rose wrote to Dr. Kalomiros about evolution:

His disobedient ideas about the soul after death and evolution were outside the Church, and he ended up also outside the Church, dying with his ideas.
This biography is found on a world Orthodox website: